Terms and Conditions

Tour operator:

DS Adventures (DSA)

Tour booking form

By submitting the booking form, or the payment of any money towards DS Adventures means that you have accepted the Terms and Conditions between DS Adventures and you, The Participant. DS Adventures will not accept any participants to join in the experience without a duly signed booking form. Please read carefully through the information set out herein.

Release and waiver

Every participant of a tour operated by DS Adventures is required to accept and sign a release and waiver form before the commencement of the tour. We will not accept any tour participant without a duly signed Release and Waiver form. We will provide participants with a copy of the release and waiver forms.

Medical Insurance

It is a prerequisite that each participant must obtain adequate medical, personal, accident and travel insurance cover for the duration of the tour. This insurance must be arranged by the participant at least 40 days prior to departure and proof must be provided to DSA at such time. Failure to do so will constitute a breach of the terms and conditions of the tour and will invoke cancellation and the cancellation fees applicable.

Reservation and deposit

A deposit of 50 % must be paid when a booking is made. This will then secure a place on the tour. The balance of the fees must be paid 30 days before the tour starts. Should we not receive it, we will accept that you have cancelled and will charge you with the stipulated cancellation fees.

Motorcycle rental/safety deposit

DS Adventures (hereinafter “DSA”) will assist you in renting the motorcycle from a 3rd party (hereinafter referred to as “the Agent”), unless the Agent for some reason cannot supply any motorcycles, in which case the following clause will apply. If DSA is rendering assistance in supplying the motorcycles the following will be applicable:

The type of motorcycle will depend on the booking you made. The pictures of the motorcycles on the website do not always represent the exact version of the motorcycles provided. DSA reserves the right to substitute the motorcycle confirmed to tour participants. We strive to ensure that all participants ride the motorcycle they have requested, but unfortunately at times, certain unexpected and uncontrollable situations arise which may require the substitution of a motorcycle (mechanical failure, collision damage and theft). Should DSA not be able to replace a confirmed motorcycle with the confirmed type or similar, a pro-rata refund for the difference in models will be refunded to the participant. This constitutes the maximum liability of DSA. A safety deposit has to be paid to DSA on behalf of the rental agent at the time of hand-over of the motorcycle at the beginning of the rental period. The amount of this safety deposit is equal to the amount of the deductible amount for the motorcycle insurance excess, as specified by the rental agent and may vary from agent to agent.

We reserve the right to adjust the amount of this safety deposit and deduct it without notice. This safety deposit will be refunded upon return of the undamaged motorcycle to DSA, on behalf of the rental agent. Some rental centers require a separate rental contract for the rental motorcycle to be signed at the rental station. The rental period is not interrupted due to the inability of a renter to ride or for any other reason. During the tour, we are not obliged to replace a damaged motorcycle.

Included in the Tour Price

The items included in the tour price are listed on the “Included in Tour” section on our TOURS Page.

Excluded from Tour Price

All items not mentioned as included and all items that are listed on the “Not Included in Tour” section on our TOURS page.

Room allocation

A limited number of single rooms are available at an extra cost on a first served basis, but availability cannot be guaranteed. DSA will attempt to find a roommate for participants not specifying single rooms on their booking form or if requested so by the participant.

Single Room Surcharge

DSA will provide single rooms for travelers who agree to pay the surcharge identified in the trip pricing information. If participants request a roommate and we aren’t able to provide one, he/she will be notified 40 days prior to start of trip and given the option to pay the single room supplement or cancel the booking without penalty.

Trip Information

Approximately 40 days prior to the trip (once we received your full payment), we will send you a Tour Information Package. This will include all the information you might need to pack and prepare for the trip, including detailed route descriptions, accommodation venue listing, GPS routes and coordinates and route maps.


DSA assumes no responsibility for loss, damage, or delay in delivering luggage to tour participants. Luggage turned over to us for transport each day is done so at the participant’s own risk. Luggage insurance is recommended and participants will be limited to the amount of luggage depending on the type of tour.

Cancellation fees
60 days or more prior to departure 10 % of tour price
59 to 41 days prior to departure 20 % of tour price
40 to 25 days prior to departure 30 % of tour price
24 to 15 days prior to departure 50 % of tour price
14 days or less prior to departure 100 % of tour price

Cancellation fees are calculated based on the cost of the tour package.  No refunds will be made to participants who drop out after the trip has begun and no exceptions to this policy will be made for any reason. We strongly recommend that participants obtain trip cancellation insurance, which are not included in our prices, from an insurance company or their respective travel agent in their country of residence.

 Minimum tour participants

DSA may cancel a tour up to 30 days prior to tour start when there are an insufficient number of tour participants that have booked and fully paid for the tour by then. However, should this happen, participants will be notified and alternative arrangements be made.

Non-observance of traffic laws and group travel regulations

If any of the participants does not comply with traffic laws or the requirements for group travel, DSA has the right to cancel the individual’s tour, which means that his/her riding privileges will be suspended. Participants are responsible for any traffic fines obtained as a result of any traffic violation.

Photo and video material

Photo’s and videos produced by DSA or its representatives on tour are the property of DSA. The copyrights thereof are vested with us and we can use all of this material for advertising and marketing purposes, including images in which individual tour members can be recognized, without any charge from the tour member to DSA for the use of this material.


DSA is responsible for providing the services listed in the tour description according to the local standard and the accurate description of services offered in its literature. DSA is responsible for conscientious travel preparations and will carefully select and constantly check our contractors, such as accommodation establishments and rental agencies.

DSA, however, is not responsible or liable for any accidents or damage as a result of negligence, either by us, or a supplier of ours.

DSA also reserves the right without prior notice, to withdraw any part or all of a tour and to make such changes as may be necessary. The extra cost if any resulting there from, shall be paid for by the participant. Furthermore it is agreed and understood that the owners, operators and agents of this tour, including DSA, are not the guardians of any participant’s safety and they, individually or collectively, cannot be held liable in any way for any occurrence in connection with the operation, or the client’s participation in, connection with, the tour which might result in injury, death, or other damage to the client, his property, or his family, heirs, or assigns. DSA is not responsible or liable for any delay resulting from any manufacturer’s/agent’s failure to deliver on time and is not responsible for any delays or changes in schedules or other conditions. The participant further agrees to participate at his/her own risk.

Passport, Visa, driving and health regulations

The participant is responsible for complying with above regulations and all consequences resulting from non-compliance.

Motorcycle Operation Requirements

Participants who intend to operate a motorcycle provided by DSA must be at least 25 years old and must have a full, unendorsed, valid international motorcycle operator’s license, or equivalent, for motorcycles with an engine capacity larger than 250cc. An additional excess will be charged for riders under the age of 25 years old.

Alterations to tour schedule

Some tours operate on a seasonal basis and where seasonable variances and/or weather conditions cause changes in the tour routing or accommodation, the itinerary will be adjusted accordingly and alternate accommodation venues, restaurants and routes will be used.

Weather conditions

DSA strives to schedule its tours at a time of the year when the weather in the touring area is usually pleasant for motorcycling. Many tours pass through areas where weather conditions can change very suddenly and significantly. Understandably, DSA cannot be held liable for unpleasant or unsuitable weather conditions and no refunds are made for such conditions.

Tour rates, rental rates and motorcycle costs

Tour Rates may change if cost factors, including (but not limited to) accommodation venues, meals, motorcycle rental rates, insurance, international currency fluctuations, etc. dictate the need for rate increases. DSA may, in its sole discretion, do so at any time prior to 60 days before departure.

Verbal changes

Any verbal changes are invalid unless confirmed in writing by DSA.

Printing errors and calculation mistakes

DSA reserves the right to correct printing errors or calculation mistakes at any time. DSA accepts no liability for such errors or mistakes.

Acceptance of Trip Terms and Conditions

I understand that I will be required to sign a release and waiver form before I can participate in any activity of DSA. I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound thereby. I am also aware that partaking in this tour can be dangerous. I am aware that traffic conditions, roads, weather and other conditions, as well as the actions of other participants on the trip can influence the risks. I agree to accept those risks. If I partake in a motorcycle tour, I hereby confess that I am an experienced, responsible and healthy motorcyclist with a valid international motorcycle driver’s license. As a passenger on a motorcycle, I am aware of the potential dangers of motorcycling. I further agree and understand that the owners, operators and agents of this trip, including DSA, are not the guardians of my safety. They, individually, or collectively, cannot be held liable in any way for any occurrence in connection with the operation, or my participation in the tour, which might result in injury, death, or other damage to me, my property, or my family, heirs, or assigns.


FULL NAME OF PARTICIPANT:_________________________________________

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SIGNED AT:________________________ON_____DAY OF______________20___


SIGNATURE OF PARTICIPANT:_________________________________________


WITNESSED BY:_________________________________________(FULL NAME)


SIGNATURE OF WITNESS:____________________________________________





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