Frequently Asked Questions about your Adventure Motorcycle Tour

1) What trip should I choose?

  1. Depending on how fit you are, what package suites your financial budget and for what duration your vacation allows you to be away will determine your choice of packages available.

2) What city do I fly into?

  1. Depending from what country you are flying in from and what package you have purchased will determine to which City you will fly to.Johannesburg International and Cape Town International are the two main Airports in South Africa and connecting flights will leave to your final destination from one of these two airports.

3) Who will pick us up at the airport?

  1. Our Company Representative will be there to meet & greet your group on arrival at the airport and then transfer you to your Hotel or Lodge.

4) Where do we get the motorcycles? (For motorcycle tours)

  1. The motorcycles will be ready to ride at the hotel or Lodge after all the necessary paperwork has been completed and a tour briefing has been conducted by our Company Representative.

5) When does the tour start?

  1. After checking into the hotel, all necessary paperwork will be completed, a tour briefing will commence, bikes checked by each individual rider (For motorcycle tours), dinner served a good nights rest, breakfast and then the Adventure Tour departure begins.

6) What sort of surfaces will we be riding on? (For motorcycle tours)

  1. We will be riding on Tarred road surfaces for about 30% of the duration of the tour and the rest of the trip will be on gravel road surfaces.

7) How many in a group size?

  1. A) We take a minimum of 6 per group with a maximum of 10 per group.
  2. We can, however, be flexible depending on the circumstances. 


8) What about pillion passengers? (For motorcycle tours)

  1. Pillion passengers are welcome to join the tour and depending on space availability 2 non-pillion riders may tour with the support vehicle for the duration of the trip to accompany a husband who is riding a motorcycle.

9) What if a pillion gets tired on the ride? (For motorcycle tours)

  1. A pillion that wants to ride in the support vehicle may do so (space permitting) and must be prepared to alternate with other pillion passengers who need to rest as well.

10) Will we see any game on the tour?

  1. South Africa has an abundance of game and bird life and you should get to see many of the species on our tour.

11) What distance do we travel daily?

  1. A) We will travel on average between 230 km and 400km per day.
  2. We will monitor rider fatigue (For motorcycle tours) and frequent stops will be made to alleviate stiffness and also get time to take pictures of the beautiful landscapes and scenery

12) Is fuel included? (For motorcycle tours)

  1. If you rent a motorcycle from us then fuel is included in the price of the trip.
  2. If you use your own motorcycle then fuel is for your own account.

13) Are meals included?

  1. All main meals as well as limited beverages are included in the price of the tour package. Any extra snacks and drinks are for your own account. 
  2. Your tour guide will recommend a wide variety of eateries available due to our multi-cultural society that we live in.

14) What happens if my bike breaks down? (For motorcycle tours)

  1. We have a backup trailer with a spare bike on board for any situation that may arise for the duration of the tour.


15) Where do we put our luggage?

  1. A) We will have space in the closed & locked trailer for soft luggage only.
  2. For motorcycle tours, each individual will be limited as to the amount of luggage they bring. 

16) Do I need spending money?

  1. Yes, for purchasing snacks and drinks not supplied and also for the purchasing of gifts for loved ones back home.

17) Do I need travel insurance?

  1. Yes, it is COMPULSORY to take out travel insurance before leaving your country of origin.

18) Do I need a visa?

  1. Depending from your country of origin, it would be advisable to check with your travel agent if a visa is required for South Africa.

19) What documentation do we need for the local authorities?

  1. You will need a passport valid for six months after your return home, a visa if required and the original documentation of your travel insurance (compulsory).
  2. For motorcycle tours you will need a valid original copy of your motorcycle license issued from your country of origin, as well as a valid international driver’s license.

20) Do I need any Shots & Vaccinations?

  1. South Africa is a malaria free destination but we advise you to check with your health advisor before leaving.

21) What riding gear should I bring? (For motorcycle tours)

  1. It is advisable to bring a fleece line top and a rain suite for the unexpected change in the weather that sometimes occurs. A vented riding jacket is advisable for the cooler days that we may experience as well as offering protection in the case of a fall. A good full-face helmet and comfortable riding boots and gloves are essential.

22) Can I rent riding gear and accessories? (For motorcycle tours)

  1. Yes, but our suppliers have a limited supply and it is advisable to bring your own gear for a hassle free experience. Top cases, tank bags and panniers can be rented from our supplier.


23) Where will we be staying?

  1. A) We will be staying in comfortable Hotels, B&B’s and Lodges depending where we are on our travels.


 24) How much riding experience do I need? (For motorcycle tours)

  1. Depending on your riding abilities, you could choose between a BMW GS650, a BMW GS800, or a BMW GS1200 motorcycle.
  2. In South Africa we ride on the wrong (LEFT) side of the road and it will take a level of concentration to be comfortable with this. Riders must also be comfortable riding on dirt and gravel roads.
  3. Our suppliers under their rental agreement require a minimum of 2 years riding experience and a minimum age of 25 years. An additional surcharge will be levied for riders under 25 years old.
  4. You will receive a short introductory course to make sure that you will be capable to cope with the motorcycle.

25) Do we have a rest day?

  1. Yes, on the longer trips we incorporate rest days where one can relax and take in the scenery or partake in any of the activities that may be available. On the shorter tours we average 230 km per day with frequent stops, which are very manageable.

26) Costing & reservations?

  1. We have a base starting price for our basic packages quoted in South African Rands. Feel free to ask us for a quotation based on your specific requirements for any one of the packages listed.
  2. We also do customized tours. Prices will be quoted as per your specific requirements.

27) Would a deposit be required?

  1. Yes, a deposit would be required to secure dates and reservations at the various accommodation

28) How much is the deposit required?

  1. We will require a 50 % deposit to secure the booking.

30) Could you arrange accommodations before and after the tour for us?

  1. Upon request, DS Adventures can make up a custom itinerary for all of your personal requirements.

31) Can you custom tailor a different route for me?

  1. Yes, we can fulfill your every need and request for a custom tailored and cross border tour into our northern neighboring countries.
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